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Bring you the opportunity and confidence to be the best version of yourself.
meant to move
Meant to Move
At 12 years old, I fell in love with dance. I would watch concerts, movies, tv shows, music videos; basically anything with dance in it, I became infatuated with. Despite no one in my family having a musical bone in their body, it quickly became what I was meant to do. I was meant to move. I took every class I could – tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, it almost didn’t matter. The freedom to move around a dance floor gave me a sense of purpose and the confidence to be who I truly was during the good, and not so good times. Part of this confidence also came from developing my own look. Combining my love for dance with the creativity and individuality of fashion became my complete essence. It was my vibe as I went about building my life; in helping me enhance my performance on the dance floor and prepare for life off.
meant to move
Empowered, Diverse, and Inclusive
I am so proud to present dexter. It’s everything of who I am and everything I want to become. It comes from all the times in life where I’ve looked into the mirror and had to remind myself that I am the only one that I should be trying to one up, nobody else. “Do you Dexter!” I would always say. It’s my message to everyone that it’s okay to be who you are. That it’s cool, timeless, and fun to be the best version of yourself. Enhance your performance, enhance your mood, be THAT guy or THAT girl. Do you!

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